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Baldomero Alejos

Baldomero Alejos was a photographer who worked for over half a century (1924-1976) in the Peruvian city of Ayuchuco. The artistic quality and the historic value of his images has caused Baldomero Alejos to be recognized as one of the most important Peruvian artists of the last century. His photographic archive consists of of more than 60,000 images documenting life in Ayacucho. The photographs portray the social, civic, religious and cultural life of this special city during the peaceful decades before terrorism gripped the city, and eventually the nation.

Alejos’ unique feeling for natural light and his ability to bring out the most characteristic expression in his subjects made him not only a visual historian of note but an exceptional artist as well. Alejos always searched for beauty in each of his photographs, a search he made for beauty’s sake alone, not for posterity. In that respect, he was a perfectionist. Those who knew him say he would spent long hours in front of a window working on prints and negatives.

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Production and sale of books about the history of the images of Baldomero Alejos photography archive.


Planning and coordination of Baldomero Alejos photography archive exhibitions locally and internationally.




The benefits of a database:

1. Complete access to the photographic archive enabling a general scholarly study of the materials as well as aiding the families of people portrayed in the identification of their relatives.

2. Making positive digital images of the negatives, thus avoiding the labor and expense of making monochromatic silver gelatin prints of each.

3. To avoid unnecessary handling of original negatives and prints.

4. Security provided by the duplication of material in case of situations that might adversely affect the photographic archive.


The images of the Baldomero Alejos photography archive are a window revealing the historical, sociological, anthropological and artistic importance of Ayacucho and the country of Peru. With that idea in mind , our objectives are:

• To create a professional documentary film “Baldomero Alejos, Today” featuring the people photographed by the artist as well as those related to him personally and professionally. The film should be done soon due to the advanced age of most of the participants.

• To assemble teams of experts in history, sociology, anthropology, etc, to analyze the archive images from the point of view of their respective disciplines.


Conservation and stabilization are two important objectives of the Alejos Photographic Archive. A primary goal is to prevent deterioration of the negatives from careless handling as well as damage from detrimental environmental factors such as humidity and insects. Before being stored in acid-free archival envelopes and boxes, the negatives must be cleaned with specialized equipment.

Once in storage, the archive requires air conditioning and dehumidifiers to maintain a stable environment free of harmful changes in temperature and humidity. Adequate fire safety equipment and security issues are also considerations to be addressed.

Social Aspect

Further development of the Baldomero Alejos archive is sought in order to maximize the artistic historical and social value of the images to institutions, universities, scholars and other interested individuals from Peru, Latin America and the rest of the world. Specifically:

§ The establishment of a Museum of Photography in Ayacucho which would permanently display Alejo Baldomero’s work as well as the work of other Ayachuco photographers. While centered on the culture and identity of Ayacucho, a town known for its artistic wealth, the museum would also endeavor to represent Peruvian culture in general.

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