Further development of the Baldomero Alejos archive is sought in order to maximize the artistic historical and social value of the images to institutions, universities, scholars and other interested individuals from Peru, Latin America and the rest of the world. Specifically:

§ The establishment of a Museum of Photography in Ayacucho which would permanently display Alejo Baldomero’s work as well as the work of other Ayachuco photographers. While centered on the culture and identity of Ayacucho, a town known for its artistic wealth, the museum would also endeavor to represent Peruvian culture in general.

§ A cultural heritage. With combined efforts from the state and the private sector, the goal would be to have the Alejos archive declared a cultural heritage for both the region and the country.

§ An interactive web site. The website would contain photographs with appropriate historical texts which would allow the public to personally interact with individual images.

Realization of these objectives means the Archive would not only be a research tool but also a genealogical and historical center for the people of Ayacucho as well as a resource for scholars. Study of the Alejos archive on both on the web site and in the proposed museum would focus attention on times of peace now somewhat neglected because of the terrorism which so recently divided the nation of Peru.