Conservation and stabilization are two important objectives of the Alejos Photographic Archive. A primary goal is to prevent deterioration of the negatives from careless handling as well as damage from detrimental environmental factors such as humidity and insects. Before being stored in acid-free archival envelopes and boxes, the negatives must be cleaned with specialized equipment.

Once in storage, the archive requires air conditioning and dehumidifiers to maintain a stable environment free of harmful changes in temperature and humidity. Adequate fire safety equipment and security issues are also considerations to be addressed.

History of the conservation efforts:

· In the year 2000, preservation and stabilization work began on the Alejos archive supported by the archive’s own resources with additional institutional support by the Peruvian Institute and the American Catholic University of Peru. As a result about 25% of the photo archive was stabilized. (16,480 flexible negatives, 434 glass negatives and 2140 cards).

· In 2005, financed by the archive’s own resources, another 8831 card negatives and 1370 flexible negatives were stabilized and stored.

· Finally, in December 2006, Harvard University and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, sponsored the project “Stabilization and Conservation of the Photo Archive Baldomero Alejos.” The goal was the total stabilization of the Alejos photographic archive. By the end of September 2007, this goal was successfully realized.