The images of the Baldomero Alejos photographic archive are a window revealing the historical, sociological, anthropological and artistic importance of Ayacucho and the country of Peru. With that idea in mind , our objectives are:

• To create a professional documentary film “Baldomero Alejos, Today” featuring the people photographed by the artist as well as those related to him personally and professionally. The film should be done soon due to the advanced age of most of the participants.

• To assemble teams of experts in history, sociology, anthropology, etc, to analyze the archive images from the point of view of their respective disciplines.

• To recover Alejos studio photographs belonging to various Ayacucho families. Once discovered, the images would be scanned and added to the archive. One loss to the archive twenty years ago was the destruction of nearly 20,000 glass plate negatives.

Current progress:

• Leading researchers are studying the photographs of Baldomero Alejos and their findings have been published in diverse articles and catalogs.

• The Freie Universitat Berlin in October 2007 gave the course “Zeugnisse einer Welt im Wandel. Lektüre von der Fotografie Baldomero Alejos”, which was offered by the researchers Karoline Noack and Manuela Fischer.

• Interviews with Baldomero Alejos’ subjects: at the exhibition of the archive in Ayacucho in March 2005, 20 interviews took place (video and still photography) of some of the people portrayed by Baldomero Alejos. In appreciation of their participation, participants were given photographs from the archives as well as images from their interviews. As a result if these interviews, we became aware of the need for a more professional endeavor in the future. (See documentary „Baldomero Alejos today “)